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Petra & Kev

What we are about 

What you’ll find on our site is a multitude of things we’ve been learning over time and applying to our everyday living.

We’re able to generate income from our small 1.25 acre block, by propagating plants and selling them to retail nurseries.

You will find many helpful resources on plant propagation and gardening in general.

Our little patch of land has also enabled us to become more self sufficient, resourceful and conscious about wastage and our impact on the environment.

This has led Kev down a rabbit warren into the world of Aquaponics, grey water systems, ponds and anything fish related!

You will find many helpful articles on these subjects, as we share our experiences with you, these topics will hopefully continue to grow and will be consistently updated as we make progress and learn new things.

As we’ve grown together and created a family we then became more aware of the health crisis our children may face.

Obesity, diabetes, disease and a general decline in health is rising at an alarming rate, putting a huge strain on the government health system.

This is not sustainable and we are hoping to raise awareness of these issues and provide you with information and healthy recipes to help you live a healthier, happier life.

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Our promise

New information will be uploaded consistently to keep you informed with our latest research and many tasty and healthy recipes will also be provided to inspire you.

If these sound like things you are interested in. Please join us on our journey.

Plants in our nursery-Everyday Wits

What is our personal story

We have both been brought up with a sense of hard work and good ethics have been installed in us.

For me, the pride in a home cooked meal has always been there… unfortunately, just because something is home cooked doesn’t necessarily mean its healthy!

As many with many youngsters, we both enjoyed a drink and fell into the take away food trap throughout these stages of our lives, exercise was also not a huge priority for either of us.

Fast forward to when we met, we both worked in a wholesale plant nursery, and our friendship blossomed into romance, we got married and began our journey together.

Our goal was to create our our own plant nursery from which we could both rely upon our own income. Thus our venture began to find a suitable property to do this.

Stumbling upon a small 1.25 acre block situated in West Gippsland, Victoria, we took the plunge and began working hard to make this happen.

Kev was a big drinker, and we both enjoyed our food, coupled with 2 pregnancies, the weight began to creep up on both of us.

Walking the dogs was just not enough exercise to help balance this out.I began a kickboxing class to help me keep fit, and slowly began research into healthier food choices.

Kev purchased a small simple home gym station and began a short workout routine after work, 1-3 days a week. Still enjoying several beers every night.

Slowly these baby steps began to get bigger…. Kev set up a larger Gym and really began focusing on weight lifting, funnelling his passion for this he also began calorie counting, and protein intake was more important than beer, so eventually the beer got put aside for special occasions!

Healthy lifestyle- Everyday Wits

He relied upon me to provide him with nourishing high protein meals, once again depending on me to delve further into the world of nutritious food.

See whats happening here? We are slowly evolving into more health conscious people, but the process isn’t a shock to the system because we change one little thing at a time.

This is what we’re hoping to inspire you to do! Make some small changes to better you and your family and watch them snowball into lifelong antics, not fads which will ebb and flow throughout your life, but stable, consistent healthy habits.

Kev’s moto is “consistency is key”.

Fast forward to today, we both workout everyday, eat healthy home cooked meals, reserving eating out for special occasions, focus on sleeping well and reducing stress in our lives.

We hope to teach our children these concepts so that they may utilise them throughout their lives as they grow up and make their own decisions.

Veggie Garden-Everyday Wits

Our dream.

One day the ultimate dream for Kev is to be mortgage free and have a natural swim pond! All this dabbling in ponds, and aquaponics are his preliminary learning tools for the ‘big picture’.

His goal is to be able to make the entire project on his own, he’s passionate about water and we all love to swim, but without the harsh chemicals!

So if you hang around long enough, one day further down the track you’ll see the end result posted on our site.

As for me, my only goal is to nourish my family with the best possible food, grow our own veggies, raise our own fish and chickens.

Reduce our impact on the earth. Utilise the latest research to understand more about our health, and to live a simple stress free life where i can enjoy my family and watch them grow up to be healthy and successful.

When you join us you’ll never miss a new post, wether it be plant, garden or health related.

As we are only starting out, this may not happen for a little while. But as we grow, and so do our subscribers, we’d ultimately endeavour to send out an email once a month with information on what’s been going on at the “Whitmore Project” as Kev likes to call it!

Leafy greens in aquaponic grow bed