Propagate Hoya (with photos)

To propagate the Hoya plant commonly known as wax flower we placed semi-hardwood cuttings in a small vase of water. We then placed the vase on our kitchen window sill.

It took 4 weeks for roots to develop on the Hoya cutting. See the pictures below. After which we potted the cutting into good quality potting mix.

After 12 months the new plant had about 60cm or 2 foot of new growth. Below are the photos through the different stages.

Taking the cutting

Most hoyas are tropical. The best time of year to take cuttings is when the temperatures are warm so anywhere from spring- autumn depending on your climate.

As a general rule we like to keep our cuttings small. 10cm (4in) or less. Strip away the lower leaves. The part of the stem where a leaf emerges is called a node.

Make sure the node that you striped the leaves away from is submerged in the water.

Keep the cutting or cuttings indoors. Place in a well lit area, but not direct sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause the foliage to burn.

The roots develop really quick. 3-4 weeks is all it should take.

It is also possible to propagate some hoya plants by leaf cuttings. It just takes a little longer to produce a nice plant, so we like to stick to this method.

Potting hoya cuttings

Now that the hoya cutting has roots we can plant it into potting mix. Use a good quality mix as your hoya will be in this pot for quite a long time. Hoya plants don’t mind being root bound.

Select a mix with plenty of organic materials, also select a mix that is free draining. Being tropical hoyas don’t like cold water so water with warm (but not hot) water.

Keep your new hoya plant in a warm, well lit area for most people that is indoors.

We planted our’s into a 150mm (6in) pot. It remained in this pot for 12 months growing stronger and stronger. After 12 months we potted it into a prettier pot and moved it outside.

Hopefully this quick little article was helpful. If you would like to learn more about propagating visit our propagation page.

Thanks for reading. Happy planting!



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