Banana and Kiwi fruit smoothie

Banana and Kiwi fruit smoothie

Banana and kiwi fruit smoothie Everyday Wits

Cooking Instructions

Banana and Kiwi fruit smoothie

Serves 1

This recipe is suitable for Paleo and Whole 30.

This smoothie packs a whopping 17g of fibre, which keeps you sustained for longer and also helps your body slowly absorb all the nutrients. Smoothies and juices are a great way of giving your body a burst of nutrient dense goodness. Each smoothie can be tailored to suit your taste, always aim to include an element from each of the following; fats, fibre, herb/spice, colour. Sometimes simple is best, generally i stick to 3 -5 fruit/vegetable pieces, if I’m adding citrus i would use coconut water instead of milk.



2 pieces of celery about 2” long.

1/2 a small apple, quartered.

1/2 small banana.

200ml Almond milk.

1/4 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp Raw Honey

2 tsp Psyllium Husks.

2 Brazil nuts.

1/2 Kiwi Fruit


1. Prepare your Ingredients, and place them all into a blender (we use a Ninja, something small will suffice) and blitz until it has all come together into a smooth consistency. Add more milk or water if you find it too thick.


You can switch the Almond milk to whichever type of milk you have available or are able to eat at your stage of diet.

When preparing the ingredients place the leftovers into container for use the following day.

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This Banana and kiwi fruit smoothie is an excellent breakfast or even an awesome snack before attacking one of our workouts! Enjoy.

Nutritional Value (Per Serve) (Approx.)

Prep 3min     Cook 0min

Cal 361   Kj 1510

Carbs 56g

Fats 17g

Protein 5g


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