Propagate society garlic tulbaghia violacea

Propagate society garlic

How to propagate society garlic

A quick step by step guide on how to propagate society garlic. We propagate over a thousand of these plants using division it’s quick and the plants establish fast!

Dig up a clump

How we propagate Tulbaghia violacea ‘variegata’ Variegated society garlic is by division.

Variegated Society Garlic can also be propagated by seed but it might come up just the straight green form.

Either way this is much faster way to produce a decent number of plants in a short amount of time, and its easy.

First you need an existing clump, you can simply dig up half the clump the other half will be fine.

Just use a shovel straight down the middle. Next split this big clump into more manageable sections, use a knife or secateurs.


Separate into individual plants

Divide the manageable sections so that you have just single plants, ensure that there is root attached to the plant.

Now cut half off half the foliage, this will reduce the plant shock.


Pot them & water them

The next step is just to pot the plants. We use a 6 inch diameter pot for these.

You want to use a good quality potting mix and half fill the pot, then position a single plant into the pot and gently fill.

Take care you don’t want to break the roots off. Once all your plants are in pots give them a thorough drink.

We like to use seasol it really helps promote strong healthy root growth.

The pots can be put outside just remember to keep them moist.

The success rate using this method is almost 100%.

You can share any surplus supply with your friends.

We divide Tulbaghia violacea ‘variegata’ Variegated society garlic anytime of year. For the quickest results late spring- early autumn are best.

Below is a short video if you prefer a more visual experience.

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Propagation Kit

We have also put together a resource page that contains links to the products we use or similar. If you want to check that out click the link.

Society Garlic Propagation Video


About Tulbaghia violacea ‘variegata’ Variegated society garlic


Tulbaghia violacea ‘variegata’ Variegated society garlic care

Tulbaghia violacea ‘variegata’ is a bulbous perenial plant. It forms mounds of grey-green leaves with cream margins. Its in the onion family and the leaves have a garlic like odour. In summer through to autumn it produces clusters of dainty, pinkish mauve flowers on slender stems.

Variegated society garlic is a great plant choice for border edges, rockeries, cottage gardens even containers.

Society Garlic should be grown in a sunny open position. Prefers moist well drained soil and is tolerant of light frosts. Applying compost or slow release fertiliser will greatly improve flower production.

Cultural notes

Botanical name: Tulbaghia violacea ‘variegata’

Common name: Society Garlic Variegated

Zone: 7-10

Family: Alliaceae

Native to: Southern Africa

Flowers:summer into autumn

Position: Full sun

Height: 30-50cm

Width: up to 50cm


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