The products we use

This page provides affiliate links to products we use in the nursery when propagating and potting our plants.

These products are available on both Amazon and eBay. Australia, the US and the UK. You should be able to easily find the equipment you need to propagate plants.

The Australian Ebay links are the most accurate in terms of the exact products we use. This is because we live in Australia and it was easy to find the products we use.

For the US & UK we have done our best to find items that are as similar as possible to the equipment we use.

We apologise to those outside these countries. But if you use the links as a guideline to finding the products that are available in your country, hopefully this page can still be of assistance.

US & UK Amazon

Here are the amazon links to the products or similar that we use for those based in the US and Canada.

US eBay

These are links for the US eBay store for products we use or ones we found that are similar.

UK Ebay

Here are bay links to products we use or those that are similar. Available on eBay in the UK.

Australia Ebay

Below are links to some of the products we use in our nursery. All readily available on eBay.

Hopefully these product links help you find the equipment you need to be successful in your plant propagation journey.

It was very difficult to find the exact products that we use in the UK and US. So we just used broad searches to point you in the right direction. Hopefully they give you a good starting place.

All the best,

Petra & Kev.

Happy planting 🙂

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