Propagate Brachyscome

Propagate brachyscome

How to propagate Brachyscome

This is a short guide showing how we propagate brachyscome multifida and break of day in our nursery. This is the method we use to create over a thousand plants per year.

Find a healthy plant

Start by selecting a healthy plant to take cuttings from. Select a plant that is free of any signs of pests and diseases.

By taking a cutting we are effectively cloning the parent plant, hence why it’s critical to begin this process with a healthy specimen.

Cut off the foliage an inch or two above ground level, don’t be shy, brachyscome are very robust plants and love a good hard prune. Most of their new growth comes from the base.

The best time of year to take cuttings of brachyscome is spring. The end of summer and into the beginnings of autumn are also suitable.

Whilst this is the ideal time, you can have success with them throughout other times of the year. Bearing in mind that your end result will be a longer process due to the cooler weather.

These cuttings were taken at the start of autumn and were ready for garden planting 2 months later.

Brachyscome multifida-Cut-leaf daisy-prunning-everydaywits

Use base cuttings

Select a stem from the foliage you have cut back. The stem will be quite long if you cut it low to the ground as instructed.

Any part of this stem will be able to provide us with a viable cutting, however, we prefer to use the bottom half of the stem.

We find the base provides us with a stronger, bushier plant much quicker than a tip cutting.

You should make the cutting approximately 2-3 inches in length.

Strip the bottom half of the cutting of all foliage, leaving 2-3 leaves at the top of the cutting (as shown in the picture).

To strike (get roots) we plug the cuttings into a seedling tray filled with 90% perlite and 10% peat moss.

Take as many cuttings as you like. The success rate is very high at around 90-95%.

Once all your cuttings are plugged into the seedling tray, water them well and store in a well lit sheltered(from wind) area.

Keep them moist while waiting for the roots to strike.

It should take around a month for the cuttings to form a root system.

To check, lift up the seedling tray to see if roots are peeking out the bottom.

Once they have a decent root system we can pot them into small pots.


Pot your cuttings

Gently tease the cuttings out of the perlite/peatmoss mix. Use a good quality potting mix and half fill the pot.

Place your seedling into the pot and gently backfill. Once all the seedlings are potted give a thorough soaking.

If you desire you can use some seasol or other seaweed based fertiliser to water them in, this will promote faster, stronger root growth.

Now store your freshly potted seedlings back in a sheltered position.

Again, keep them moist but not too wet! In about 3 weeks you can move the seedlings outside into direct sun.

Let them harden up for a week or two, then they are ready to be planted into the garden.

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Below is a short video showing the above steps.

Propagation Kit

We have also put together a resource page that contains links to the products we use or similar. If you want to check that out click the link.


Propagating Brachyscome multifida Video


Brachyscome multifida


Brachyscome multifida-Cut-leaf daisy Care

Brachyscome multifida is a small mounding perennial. It has very fine almost fern like foliage. It produces masses of blue-mauve flowers throughout the year. Completely covered in flowers in spring and summer.

Cut-leaf daisy is a great choice for any garden. Can be used in containers, hanging baskets and great in rockeries.

Tolerates a wide range of soil types from well drained to heavy clays. Can be grown in full sun or part shade, flowers more prolific in full sun. Will tolerate periods of dryness as well as frost. Prune anytime to maintain nice fresh compact growth.

Cultural notes

Botanical name: Brachyscome multifida

Common name: Cut-leaf daisy, Rock daisy

Family: Asteraceae

Native to: Australia

Flowers: All year

Position: Full sun/Part shade

Height: 40cm

Width: 75cm

Brachyscome multifida- Break of day

Brachyscome multifida break of day

Brachyscome multifida- Break of day

Brachyscome multifida break of day is a mound forming perennial. It has deep green fine lace like foliage. It produces masses of mauve single flowers all year long.

Break of day is a great plant for rockeries, pots, borders or mass planted where it puts on quite a show.

It can be grown in full sun and part shade, however will produce far more flowers in full sun. Prefers moist well drained soil. To maintain a compact growth habit its recommended to give brachycome a regular trim. Keep moist in very dry weather.

Cultural notes

Botanical name: Brachyscome mulifida ‘Break of Day’

Common name: Native Daisy

Family: Asteraceae

Native to: Australia

Flowers: year round

Position: Full sun/Part shade

Height: 10cm

Width: 30-45cm


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