Kev’s Pizza

Kev's Pizza

Kev’s Pizza

Serves (8 Slices)

Cooking Instructions

I call this Kev’s pizza! Its my go to meal every cheat day. I love pizza and whilst this packs a heap of calories its all good clean and healthy!


1 Serve everydaywits pizza dough

150g Shredded mozzarella

150g Chicken breast

50g Shaved salami

20g Sliced onion

25g Kalamata olives

5-6 Anchovies sliced

20g Pickled chillies

6 Cherry tomatoes halved

20g Sliced capsicum

1 Tbsp tomato paste

Mixed herbs

Fresh basil to serve


This pizza uses 1 serve of our everydaywits pizza dough. You can use your preferred base, but your missing out.

Preheat oven to 220C (428F). If you have a pizza stone put it in.

  1. Prepare your ingredients, making sure you have everything out and ready to assemble your pizza’s. We’ve played around with different layering techniques, this is the order i like to place my ingredients on, however feel free to tread your own path!
  2. Place a heaped Tbsp of tomato paste on the base, spread out to cover, leaving a small 1cm border.
  3. Next place on in this order herbs, onion, cheese, chicken, salami, capsicum, olives, anchovies, and tomatoes.
  4. Make sure the oven is nice and hot, hopefully its been warming for about 30min. Turn the oven down to 200-210C (about 395F). We use a pizza ladle to place the pizza onto the pizza stone.
  5. We cook the pizza for about 20min. Keep an eye on the colour and gently lift up to see how firm the base is. Every oven is different, but the pizza stone really helps to create a great crust.

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Nutritional Value (Per Slice) (Approx.)

Prep 30min     Cook 20min

Cal 229   Kj 958

Carbs 15g

Fats 13g

Protein 19g


Hi im Petra, My main focus is all about living a healthy lifestyle for me and my family. My passions are cooking, gardening, walking and reading.

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