3 Years of consistency

Before 2015

Kev before 2015

The beginning

My 3 year transformation started in 2015 i was 34 years old and decided it was time for a change.

I was drinking everyday at least 8 beers, but most likely 12. I was a smoker, and i was struggling to keep up with my young kids.

I thought i was reasonably fit. Didn’t do any exercise but i worked outside and didn’t shy away from physical labour.

One day i was mowing the grass on the ride on lawn mower, stubby in hand. As i went over a bump i felt my tits jiggle, that was it for me!

Everybody has a turning point and for me that was the moment. I knew i needed to do something.

I hate running! I’m not very social unless I’m drinking. I needed to find something i could really feel passionate about.

I always dreamed about having six pack abs (let’s face it, who hasn’t?!). Maybe i should start doing weights?

As it turned out, we were out drinking with some friends and they were getting rid of one of those all in one machines with the pulleys and cables everywhere.

It was a really a small machine with a small amount of weight on it, but this could be a starting point! I went and picked it up and brought it home.

My first workouts lasted 10 minutes after work and then i would start drinking, (i earnt  it right?… typical).

These 10 minute workouts didn’t last for long, i found myself starting to really enjoy them.

I liked the way they made my muscles feel., so i started to research more about building muscle. I read so many articles and watched so many You tube videos.

Now i was committed to a goal!

March 2018

Kev March 2018

The struggles & results

To be honest when i started exercising i thought this progress would have happened in 3 months, not 3 years.

Oh, the naïveté! Everyone’s buff in Hollywood, how hard could it be? I shouldn’t be surprised it has taken so long.

I’d been abusing my body since i was 17 with alcohol and smoking. I probably should be happy with how well the body has adapted.

The first year i really struggled with nutrition.

I was still drinking far too much. And because i was tracking my calories i wasn’t eating enough real food, as i’d much rather save those calories for later in the day, so i could drink at night.

Eventually i released the error of my ways and gradually found a happy balance where i can eat good clean food and still have numerous beers on special occasions.

Smoking has been a real struggle. As I’m writing this I’ve only been smoke free for 300 days.

I’m sure my results would have been much better if i managed to get rid of the beer and smokes sooner.

Especially if i’d been eating well and fuelling my body with proper nutrition at the beginning phase.

I’m looking forward to what results can be achieved in the next few years. I certainly feel much healthier.

I’m also much happier in myself both physically and mentally. My relationships at home with the wife and kids have flourished and it’s changed my whole outlook on life.

It’s really a ripple effect, how extraordinary it can be to change your entire way of life with one small drop of change.

I feel like if i can make such a change, anyone can.


You Tube Channels that really helped me learn, and kept me entertained. Check them out if you haven’t already!

Omar Isuf- You tube Channel

Chris Jones- Chris has 2 you tube channels Pump Chasers and Physiques of greatness.  

Scooby1961- You tube Channel. Scooby also has a website with loads of free information check out scooby’s workshop.




Hi I'm Kev. I'm mainly focused on propagation, running the nursery day to day, water gardening and staying active.

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