Building Muscle (Beginners)

Building Muscle (Beginners)

Building muscle is easy! It just takes time a really long time!

If you want to build muscle there are really only 3 things you need;

Fuel to power your workouts and feed the muscles.

Time available for working out, to allow results.

Commitment to stay on course.

Muscle Fuel

The fuel you’re going to use to power your workout is your body fat or food.

If you’re reading this your most likely just starting out. You’ll most likely fall into one of two camps. Either your over weight or your skinny with no six pack.

Utilise this beginners stage as much as possible, as a novice you’ll be able to build muscle faster and burn more fat now, than at any other stage throughout your transformation.

If you’re in the overweight camp, jump onto an online calorie calculator (such as, My Fitness Pal) and set it lose 0.2kgs or 0.5lbs a week.

This will give you the number of kilojoules or calories you should aim to eat per day. If your in the skinny but no six pack camp you can do the opposite.

Use the calculator and select gain 0.2kgs or 0.5lbs. This is the number of kilojoules or calories you should eat per day.

This is very important, tracking your fuel is a must for anyone serious about getting results.

Its also a great motivator to look back on 3 months down the track and compare results!

As your muscle building journey progresses you’ll learn more about macros. Macros are the 3 main categories of which food is split into. Carboydrates, Fats and Proteins.

Mex Eggs

Protein is Key

For beginners lets just focus on proteins. Protein is going to be the building block of your diet as you build muscle.

Your goal is going to be around 1 gram of protein to each pound of body weight. Or 0.5 grams of protein per kilo of body weight.

The rest of your macros can be whatever you prefer at this stage. Just make sure you hit that protein requirement.

Our next task is making time for working out. You’ll need 40 minutes to an Hour per workout.

You’ll need to set aside at least 3 days per week. Muscles also need time to recover so when your starting out try and rest the next day.

Or train a different muscle group to allow for recovery. For example, if we train legs on Monday, it’s ok to train the upper body on Tuesday.

We then need to set aside time for results, building muscle has a process to which it must adhere to, muscle needs muscle to build on to, there are no shortcuts.

Allow at least 3 months for any results to be visible.

You’ll gain motivation in the gym before this time with other results, ie. more weight on the bar or more reps, but the visible effects take time!

Check out our high protein recipes to help you succeed.

Stay Committed

The commitment. As i mentioned you need at least 3 months to notice any visible results.

And i hate to tell you, but they’re probably going to be small, this is ok, remember, muscle needs muscle to build on to, we are starting our foundation!

We are also starting our journey on a healthier lifestyle. To help me with staying committed to the journey, i found learning as much as i could about building muscle kept me motivated.

So the goal is to start with 3 Months. Then turn it into 6 months, followed by a year.

Once you’ve done that your results will be on auto pilot. My motto is “Consistency is key”.

If you’ve never worked out before try the Beginners workout.

If you’d like to follow me on My Fitness Pal my user name is: KevEverydayWit.

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